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Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 7:00pm
Sat, Sun: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Major Holidays:
Open for the pooches, Closed to the public.

Holiday Schedule: 
Easter Sunday - Closed
Memorial Day - Closed
July 4 - Closed
Labor Day - Closed
Thanksgiving - Closed
Christmas Eve - 5pm  Closing
Christmas Day - Closed
New Years Eve - 5pm  Closing
New Years Day - Closed

Employment Application

Statement to Applicants 

Thank you for your interest in working at The Barker Lounge. Before filling out this application, please read this statement very carefully so that you have a complete understanding of the nature of this job.

First and foremost, the health, safety, and well being of our guests is our number one priority. In order to maintain an environment that continually fosters these, we rely heavily on a reliable and responsible staff with flexible availability. Due to the nature of our business, our busiest times are often weekends, holidays, and the summer months. This means that you must be able and willing to work during these periods. Your availability during these times is critical to our ability to provide safe and quality care to our guests. If working on certain weekends, holidays, and during the summer months is something that you are not able or willing to do, please reconsider before applying for this job.

It is important that you understand that this job is not one in which you will be sitting around and playing with cute little puppies all day. Although a good portion of your day will be spent with the dogs, there is very little sitting around. The dogs must be constantly entertained and played with. When you are not playing with the dogs and making sure that they remain safe, you will be cleaning up after them, feeding and medicating them, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning kennels, emptying trash, and washing name a few of your responsibilities. You will be peed on and pooped on. You will have to clean up diarrhea and vomit. You will be exposed to loud noise, blood, cleaning agents, allergens and dander. Although we do our best to screen all dogs that enter our facility, dogs are unpredictable by nature. Therefore, you risk the danger of being bitten or injured by an animal. If you have a problem with any of these, again, please reconsider before applying for this job. 

Employees of all Barker Lounge facilities are very carefully screened to ensure our ability to continually provide the highest level of care in the industry to all of our guests. We are only looking for dependable, responsible people who have a genuine love for dogs. People who don’t need to be constantly watched over or directed. People who take the initiative to get things done on their own. People who ask “why”. People who are caring, patient, and understanding with animals. People who are truly interested in bettering the lives of our dogs and the environment at The Barker Lounge. For these people, this can be an extremely rewarding experience.

If after reading and understanding everything described above, you believe that this job is right for you, we look forward to considering you for this position. Please proceed to fill out this application and submit it to The Barker Lounge location that you are interested in becoming a part of.
Employment Application - Fort Myers, FL
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