East Charlotte, NC


4336 Monroe Road


Daily (7 days): 7:00am - 7:00pm

Major Holidays:
 Open for the pooches, Closed to the public.

Holiday Schedule: 
Easter Sunday - Closed
Memorial Day - Closed
July 4 - Closed
Labor Day - Closed
Thanksgiving - Closed
Christmas Eve - 2pm  Closing
Christmas Day - Closed
New Years Eve - 2pm  Closing
New Years Day - Closed

About Boarding

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog...

ALL OF OUR BOARDING GUESTS PARTICIPATE IN OUR "ALL DAY CAGE-LESS DAYCARE" for the entirety of the day before returning to their kennels in the evening to re-energize for the next day.

Boarding at THE BARKER LOUNGE® is a healthy alternative to leaving your dog in a standard kennel. Instead of being cooped up all day while you're on vacation, your dog too, will be in his/her own paradise... lounging around with friends doing all the things that dogs like best...all while being pampered with TLC from their human friends. The only time your pooch will ever spend in a suite, is meal time and bed time. And when bed time finally comes around each day, after a full day of playtime, your dog will want nothing other than a good night's rest. At bed time, each of the dogs' beds are made up, treats are left on their pillows, the lights are shut, light jazz is filtered into their rooms, and sweet dreams begin...

What is the Cost of Boarding?

$50 / night / dog
Off season
(includes daycare ALL day)
$58 / night / dog
Peak season*
(includes daycare ALL day)

20% discount for multiple dogs from the same family who share a suite to BOTH sleep and eat.
10% discount on stays greater than one week
Daycare packages cannot be used as payment towards our boarding service.

* 2024 Peak-season periods:
Jan 11 - Jan 16 (MLK)
Feb 15 - Feb 20 (Presidents Day)
March 8 - April 9 (Spring Break and Easter)

May 23 - Sept 3 (Summer Break and Holidays)
Oct 10 - Oct 15 (Columbus Day)
Nov 7- Nov 12 (Veterans Day)
Nov 21 - Dec 2 (Thanksgiving)
Dec 13 - Jan 6 (Christmas and New Years)
Please confirm rates before booking.

Boarding Requirements

  • Dogs must be at least 16 WEEKS of age.
  • Dogs 7 months and older must be SPAYED/NEUTERED.
  • Dogs must be in overall GOOD HEALTH.
  • Dogs must be free of fleas, ticks, and all communicable diseases.
  • Dogs must not have stitches, staples, or an Elizabethan Collar.
Dogs must be current with the following vaccinations:
  • Rabies
    Rabies boosters must be administered according to your veterinarian’s recommendation. This is usually annually or every three years.
    **First time rabies vaccinations must be administered at least 28 days prior to your dog entering our facility.
  • Canine Distemper/Parvovirus/Parainfluenza
    Often referred to simply as the Distemper shot, this shot contains vaccinations against Distemper, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza. This booster must be administered according to your veterinarian’s recommendation. This is usually annually or every two/three years.
  • Bordatella
    Bordatella vaccines must be administered either annually or bi-annually, according to your veterinarian’s recommendation. While we recommend the bi-annual vaccination, we gladly accept annual bordatella vaccinations.
    *First time bordatella vaccinations must be administered no less than two weeks prior to your dog entering our facility.
  • Accepted form of flea/tick medication
**We DO accept titre tests.
**Please make sure that vaccination records are provided to us each time they are updated. We cannot accept any dogs with expired vaccinations.
  • Completed Registration Form on file PRIOR TO your dog's first DAY of Daycare or Boarding.
  • Credit Card on file.
  • Dogs must be friendly towards other dogs and people, and not protective of food, toys, or space.
  • Must have successfully completed our free Meet & Greet.
Sign up now... Your first day is FREE!

Important Boarding Info

While boarding at The Barker Lounge is a BLAST for most of our guests, there are inherent stresses associated with this type of group-play setting...just as there are stresses for children in daycare, school, and other social settings away from mommy and daddy.  Boarding at The Barker Lounge is not always for all dogs.  Our expert staff goes to great lengths to determine if The Barker Lounge is a good fit for your pooch, initially and continually throughout your dog's life with us.  With that being the case, prior to accepting any boarding reservations for your pooch:

1. Dogs who have not boarded with us for an extended period of time may be required to attend a day of daycare, or undergo further evaluation.

2. In addition, further evaluation may be required of senior dogs, to insure that they are able to manage the stresses associated with a boarding environment like ours.  And in some cases, we may instruct you that this is no longer a good fit for your senior pooch if we believe that it is not in the best interest of your dog to board in this type of social boarding environment. Again, this is done for the safety and welfare of all of our boarding guests.

When is Boarding available?

East Charlotte, NC

Boarding is available 365 days a year.  There are no Check-Ins or Check-Outs on major holidays (we're open for the pooches but closed to the public).  Reservations are highly recommended.

IMPORTANT:  For the safety of all of our guests, dogs who have not boarded with us for an extended period of time may be required to attend a day of daycare prior to us accepting any boarding reservations.  This is done for the safety and welfare of all of our boarding guests.

Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 7:00pm
Sat, Sun: 7:00am - 7:00pm
Major Holidays: Open for the pooches, Closed to the public.


All boarding dogs must check-in prior to 12:00 pm. We understand that "life happens" and this is not always possible.  If an exception is needed, kindly contact us to make arrangements. 

Check out

Dogs can check-out anytime during our regular business hours. On the day of Check-Out, our boarding guests play for FREE until 12:00pm.  All dogs who check-out after 12:00pm will be charged an additional $20 daycare fee. Please be prompt when picking up your pooch as all dogs not picked up by closing will be boarded overnight for an additional night's boarding fee.

What do I bring?

It is always best to avoid changing your pet's normal feeding routine. We therefore request that you bring food and any necessary medications. Customers are responsible for supplying enough of both for their dog's entire stay. Please do not bring oversized bags or tubs of food for your dog.  Instead, we kindly ask that you bag your dog's food by individual meal (not by day). When measuring enough food for your dog's stay, please make sure to include a little extra. Due to our guests being quite active during their stay, they have a tendency to develop larger appetites than normal. If you choose, The Barker Lounge will gladly supply food for your dog at a cost of $2.00 per-meal. Please make sure your dog's name is on all food, medication and any other belongings.

We encourage a blanket or an unlaundered t-shirt for your dog's comfort. All extras will be kept in your dog's doggy suite and he/she will have access to them only during the night time hours. Please do not bring any irreplaceable items as we cannot guarantee their return.

Please do NOT bring food bowls. We provide clean, stainless steel bowls for all of our guests.
Please do NOT bring any type of RAW poultry.

Please do NOT bring any type of rawhide chews.

What if I want to cancel my reservation?

 If you need to cancel a boarding reservation, we kindly ask that you do so no later than 12pm, TWO DAYS prior to the date of the reservation. Boarders who don't show up for their reservation, or fail to give us the required TWO DAY notice, will be charged the greater of 1 night boarding or 50% of the original reservation.

Please note that, at times, a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit may be required in order to make your boarding reservation.  These deposits are final at the time of collection and cannot be refunded or applied to other purchases, regardless of when the reservation is cancelled.  

Early Check-Outs
Please understand that within the two-day window prior to your reservation, all reservations are final, in their entirety. Customers who pick up their dog(s) earlier than the date of their confirmed reservation will be subject to our cancellation policy for the unused portion of the reservation (the greater of 1 night boarding or 50% of the remaining reservation)..
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