Charlotte, NC


1719 Montford Drive
Charlotte, NC 28209


Daily (7 days): 7:00am - 7:00pm

Major Holidays:
 Open for the pooches, Closed to the public.

Holiday Schedule: 
Easter Sunday - Closed
Memorial Day - Closed
July 4 - Closed
Labor Day - Closed
Thanksgiving - Closed
Christmas Eve - 2pm  Closing
Christmas Day - Closed
New Years Eve - 2pm  Closing
New Years Day - Closed

How do I Register?

We expect to begin accepting applications again in the Fall. 

During this time, y
ou CAN register your pup at our East Charlotte facility if you’re looking to get in sooner!  We ARE still accepting new customers at that location!

In the meantime, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the registration process (described in detail below) to make the process an easy one once we begin accepting applications again.


The Registration Process:

1. Fill out our registration form. 
Your completed registration form will magically end up in our inbox.  
You'll then receive an email requesting proof of vaccination (as well as proof of spay/neuter for dogs older than seven months).  

2. Come by for a Meet & Greet. 
Once your registration form has been reviewed AND you've emailed us your dog's vaccination/health records for verification, you'll be contacted to schedule a date and time for a Meet & Greet.  "Meet & Greet" is our fancy way of saying "free day of daycare."  You can usually expect this return call from us within 48 hours after receiving your pet's vaccination information.

All of our guests must successfully complete their “Meet & Greet.” This is a very carefully designed process to ensure that our guests are compatible with this type of environment. It allows us to identify dogs with any sort of aggression, or dogs who struggle to manage the ordinary stresses associated with a group-play environment. During the M/G, your doggy will be very slowly and carefully introduced to a variety of selected doggies at a pace that he/she is comfortable with. Your dog will remain with that small group of dogs over the course of the entire day. That’s right…this evaluation lasts the entire day! Remember that this day is absolutely FREE. It costs nothing to have your dog play with us all day long to see if this type of environment is right for him/her!
YES.  A "YES!" means that your dog is now part of The Barker Lounge® crew!

NO.  A "NO" means that this environment just might not be agreeable with your dog. Some dogs are too shy, some are too macho, some are too young, some are too old, some are too "inappropriate," some just don't want to be here. Whatever the case may be, we are simply doing what's best for the health and safety of your dog and all of the others in our care.

NOTE: Meet and Greets can only be scheduled at the facility which you intend to use. 
Under certain circumstances, a deposit may be required. Upon successful completion of your M/G, the deposit will remain as a credit in your account that can be applied to any future purchases. 

You are now free to make daycare and boarding reservations! 
Please keep in mind that we cannot accept any reservations prior to the successful completion of the Meet & Greet.  

Seeing as though safety is our number one priority, all dogs are always very carefully supervised by our certified staff of animal lovers...all who have been thoroughly trained in canine communication, group dynamics, canine health & safety, and everything else necessary to safely manage your dog with the greatest amount of care possible. In addition, we use our very thorough screening process to allow only non-aggressive dogs into our facility. Despite these screening procedures and the dogs being handled with the greatest amount of care and foresight, dogs are not always predictable and do not always get along. If a dog who has passed the screening process begins to display any form of unacceptable behavior, we do our best to work with that dog through the behavior. If the behavior cannot be resolved, we reserve the right to kindly ask the dog not to return.
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