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Thinking About Franchising?

Did you know that the average American spends more waking hours working than any other activity in his or her lifetime? Doesn't it make sense then that "work" should be something that you truly love doing? Something that provides you with gratification?...Fulfills you?....Puts a smile on your face? That's what it does for all of us here at The Barker Lounge...and can for you too if you're the right person for this type of opportunity...

Is the Doggy Day Care World for You?

  • Are you passionate about animals?
  • Are you a people person?
    This isn't just a dog business but a people business as well. Can you connect with and understand people ...your customers, your employees and your community?
  • Are you a do-er?
    When things need to be done, do you do them? ...or do you put them on tomorrow's "to-do" list?
  • Are you a leader?
    Can you manage people? Can you motivate and inspire?
  • Do you mind hands-on hard work?
    Running a business is not easy work. We're not looking for absentee investors but instead for hands-on owners who don't mind spending 8 to 12 hour days building their business.
  • Can you follow a proven system?
    While we provide you with the training and the tools to succeed, your success is ultimately up to you. Our system works but only if you follow it.

The Barker Lounge is not for everyone. But for those who it is for, it can be an unbelievably rewarding experience! We're seeking only the most qualified people whom we believe will make a positive contribution to our franchise network.

Why Franchise With Us?

Welcome to the exciting and ever-growing world of The Barker Lounge!

Here at The Barker Lounge, our goal is to improve the lives of every dog, and their owners, in the community of which we are a part. We expect to provide nothing less than the highest quality of doggie care in the industry. To help you help us achieve this goal, we’ve developed an operating system built around our four legged customers... one that focuses on safety, quality care, cleanliness, customer experience, and FUN. This system has all the tools you will need to contribute to achieving our goal.

As a franchisee of The Barker Lounge, not only will you have use of our trademarked name, distinctive logo, and trade dress, but you’ll have full access to every element of our operating system... a few of which are listed below:

Animal Management Program

We went to great lengths to develop an Animal Management Program that is unparalleled in the doggy world! It is the heart of our Franchise system. Designed with the assistance of a well known behaviorist and industry veteran of over 25 years, the program is the reason that “The Barker Lounge” has been, and continues to be, equated with nothing less than the highest quality of doggy care in the entire pet industry.

Education and Training

Franchisee Training.
We believe that education and training are essential to maintaining our high standards. Our comprehensive training program has been thoughtfully developed to give you confidence in every aspect of opening and growing your doggie day care franchise. This is the foundation of your future as a Barker Lounge franchisee.

Employee Training Program.
The level of doggie care provided at your Barker Lounge will be only as good as the employees who provide that dog care. Our online and hands-on employee training program ensures that employees across all Barker Lounge locations receive the same quality training. It incorporates elements from our Animal Management Program designed by our very own “dog whisperer.” The program helps you to ensure that your staff has the proper tools to provide nothing short of the best dog care in the doggie day care world!

Operations Manual, On-going Business Development and Guidance

Franchisees of The Barker Lounge have unlimited access to our operations manuals and franchise support staff. Our Operations Manuals are all online and accessible to you from anywhere that you have internet access. They provide comprehensive information on every single element of your doggie day care business. Our franchise support staff is your partner through your many ups and downs as a business owner. As your business grows, our seasoned support staff will be at your disposal to provide guidance and support through your development as a member of the doggie day care world!

Marketing Support

In an industry that is largely fragmented, it is our goal to build a strong brand name. To get you started off on the right paw, you’ll have full access to all of our marketing materials …they’re clever, edgy, upbeat, and Doggy! To assist you in printing, customizing, or creating new collateral, our Creative Team is available to provide you with extensive support in all of your advertising and marketing efforts.

The Opportunity to Contribute!

One of the many benefits of being a Barker Lounge franchisee is your unique ability to contribute to our continued growth, success, and the creative foundation that we are building in this quickly growing world of dog care. We are a firm believer that the quality of our brand is only as good as the franchisees of which it is comprised. To that end, we strongly encourage franchisees to contribute ideas on new services, new products, marketing ideas, and anything at all that will help expand our vision. All new ideas are carefully evaluated by our Development team.


As a Barker Lounge franchisee, you will have your own exclusive website at, designed by our Barker Lounge web designers. Our websites are designed to help grow your business and promote The Barker Lounge brand. The sites are loungy, inviting, doggy and people friendly, and built with an array of franchisee tools to enable you to manage your site on your own!


…software designed by The Barker Lounge for The Barker Lounge! Running your own business has never been easier! We’ve developed our own proprietary doggie daycare software designed specifically for The Barker Lounge business model. It’s the industry’s most all-inclusive, well-rounded, internet-based dog day care software. It assists you in managing your daycare, boarding, grooming, training, customer and pet information, and finances…to name just a few. The unique sophistication and intuitive nature of the software allows you to spend your time actually growing your business instead of organizing your spreadsheets and post-it notes.

Quality Control

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well being of the animals that we care for! To that end, we expect all franchisees to provide nothing less than the highest quality of dog care in the industry and commit to adhering to the consistent high standards that our guests have come to expect. With the assistance of well known specialists in the industry, our operating systems have been designed to create safe animal management and health procedures across all locations, allowing customers everywhere to feel comfortable that their dogs are safe, having fun, and in good hands!

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